When it comes to landscaping in East Texas, drainage problems can be one of the most frustrating problems that homeowners face. There are several causes of poor drainage, with some of the most common reasons being:

• Improper shaping of the yard can cause water to collect in low areas or around the foundation of the building.
• Failure to remove run off water from the roof, downspouts and streets in the proper way.
• Previously miscalculated drainage or the wrong type of drainage was installed for the problem that is occurring.
• Composted leaves and yard clippings compile over time and create a poor shape in your landscape.

There have been many unfortunate occasions when home owners call us after having spent large sums of money only to find out that they were actually paying for ineffective, cheaply, or poorly implemented drainage solutions. When it comes to drainage and irrigation systems, taking short cuts and choosing poor quality materials can end up costing homeowners big time in the end. At All Seasons Landscaping in Longview, we simply refuse to provide sub-par service or materials when we service our customers.
About French Drains
When installed properly, French drains are a highly effect way to solve drainage problems for:

Standing Water – Water that collects in a low lying area in your garden or yard.
Migrating Mulch – Is your mulch constantly floating away when it rains? This is a sign of poor drainage that can be easily fixed with a custom French drain installation.
Streaming Water – when water traveling from a higher level of ground finds a central lower elevation area and creates a stream like effect. This can cause problems with erosion, and make it difficult to grow grass in a specific area.

The best thing about properly installed French drains is that they provide excellent drainage while remaining hidden underground so your landscape looks effortlessly beautiful. A trench is dug below ground, then the drainage is properly installed with specialty pipe and fittings. After the drain is installed, it is covered with the proper soil, and plants, grass, or mulch. The drains have a vacuum like effect on the water, and divert the water in your yard to go below the ground and then out of the pipes as opposed to it being stagnant or flowing heavily above ground. This allows healthy grass or landscaping to thrive above ground.

There are many outdated methods and low quality materials that are poor choices for French drain installations. At All Seasons Landscaping in Longview, we implement cutting edge methods and high quality specialty materials when we install drainage and irrigation systems. This ensures that our customers will not have to face the same drainage problems again in years to come. We will solve your drainage problems for once and for all. Call us today to find out more information, or for a free estimate.